Thinking about DNA AND NDA …

The really interesting insight I got from a DNA view of the social machines is that whilst DNA was initially meant to be evocative of the idea of building blocks and diversity from simpler atomic elements it now occurs to me that DNA (in it’s presentation suggests an order D->N->A which we might read as the defined technology driving the choice/selection of methods/processing affecting the behavioural Archetypes in a technologically deterministic way ..

Whereas AND (A->N->D) might be more representative of a socially constructed paradigm in which Archetypes and their drives/ambitions lead to a choice of methods/expressions which shapes the functionality of technological systems.

NDA is even possible (N->D->A) suggesting a scenario is which processes/expressiveness may be presented (particularly in the form of legislation) such that archetypal ambitions are shaped by the systems which are defined in legislation.