Glass is dead – long live Glass

Google announced the retirement of Google Glass in its current form recently to the howling and cheering of fans and haters everywhere.

Even if this product does bite the dust in its current form it seems clear that Google has done something important here. Now what that something is depends on which side of the witch-burning mob you find yourself:

– this is important because Google has taken the heat and shown the way for other manufacturers to introduce VR and head mounted appliances (Occulus Rift, Microsoft HoloLens)
– this is important because it has brought to head how invasive such technologies are and this have galvanised the public to ban these devices from all kinds of locations and activities.

Make up your own mind but I feel the debate on this on eis only just heating up. Google Glass was all that functional (in my view) and so it was much easier to prioritise the privacy issues over what we were giving up. Now imagine the next guy comes along with a 2nd or 3rd gen product that really rocks? I’m keen to see how much less of a problem users will find these follow-ons if they actually add real value and are usable …