Germany wants its own Internet

CBR reports

Germany’s state owned telecom company Deutsche Telekom has urged the domestic telecom companies to join hands to secure communication from snooping of foreign intelligence agencies, following revelations that German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone was monitored by NSA.

Posturing perhaps and possibly a deflection from the level of monitoring that Germany conducts (NO monitoring by Germany …? hmmmmm)

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The WAISFest (Web and Internet Science) – pun intended – is an opportunity to step away from your normal routine and hack something together typically with other members from the Research group.

This year I was a one-man band 🙁



but had a lot of fun hacking visualisations together from a few different sources. Had fun and learned quite a bit ..

Finding a way to integrate standalone datascopes – a GloWORM

GloWORM – Global Web Observatory Resource Monitor

The Web Observatory is not a singular piece of software or a single repository but rather emerges as a function of accessibility to a set of distributed data telescopes (datascopes) that make their data and services available.
There are major challenges around automated discovery, content conversion, licensing and operational factors to deliver a *perfect* Web Observatory but to at least know what resources are available and what they address would be a great start.
There are currently hundreds of individual web pages,wiki’s or links to Open Data sets, standalone repositories, linked open data or to data sets that are privately shared as part of a project.
Nothing currently pulls all this together to allow visualisation / browsing by region, data-type, date range or topic. The ability to code or classify a dataset or tool by hand (crowd-sourcing the metadata) may be a much more pragmatic way of pulling together the resources in the short term so this should be considered where automated discovery or classification is not possible.
Challenges here include:

  • How to discover data vs static links
  • How to identify topics and QUICKLY enhance metadata through tags
  • How to combine public data with personal/project links
  • How to visualise/browse in an engaging way

This project will help to highlight the technical challenges in Observatory development and provide a user-level tool to show how the type/quantity of content changes over time.